Implemented on: 30 July 2019

What's new in mluvii

1) Set the prioritization of requests within a group

Wondering how to better optimize your operators’ workload? We have a new feature that will, for example, allow the client to connect with the operator with whom they had the last conversation. In the detail of a group of operators, you can determine the conditions under which the individual operators are to be selected for the progressive assignment of sessions. The settings are available in a clear menu. This helps you optimize your call centre operations even better. If you need help with setup, please contact us :-).

2) Tagging e-mail conversations

To make tagging even easier for you, we have added new colour options for each tag. You can use enhanced tags for both classic sessions and e-mail conversations.

3) E-mail routing and current status overview

In the new version, the e-mails received another improvement in the form of routing the message to another operator or group of operators. In the detail of each e-mail conversation, you have an overview of which operators the request is currently assigned to. You can quickly and easily find out the capacity of your call centre and, at your discretion, you can also manually forward individual requests to another operator or group of operators.

Minor changes in the app:

  • Fixed display of times in operators metrics and operator overview.

  • Operator icons are hidden for people who do not have Operator rights.

  • Displays the phone number entry dialog even if displaying is disabled in the settings.

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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