Implemented on: 13 August 2019

What's new in mluvii

1) An even more detailed overview of the status of live sessions

Need to quickly find out the current workload of your call center operators? We have now prepared a detailed view of a live session in which you can easily see which operators are currently assigned to the session.

2) Bulk editing of emails

To make certain that your mailbox does not accumulate unnecessary messages, we’ve added the ability to ignore all selected messages in bulk. This allows you to select multiple messages at once or all messages using the checkbox, just as you are used to with other email clients. We will continue to expand our support for bulk events in the future. :-)

3) Number of offline forms sent

With the new version, you can also find information about the number of offline forms sent in reports. You gain a quick overview of how many messages your clients send you after business hours, and you can customize your call center’s workload accordingly.

4) Optimization of the client section of the application

After optimizing the widget script, we have also improved the loading of the entire client section of the application. We have removed excess code to speed up the opening of the client chat.

Minor changes to the application:

  • Tag extension to add a name that appears in the operator interface.

  • We have removed the unnecessary scrollbar in the operator interface in the favorite templates section.

  • When you open the session detail, the beginning of the conversation is always shown.

  • Fixed “referral” condition in start up rules.

  • When you receive a pending chat, the audio notification no longer rings.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us keep mluvii better :)

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