Release 2.30

Implemented on: 17 September 2019

What’s new in mluvii

1) Insertion of pre-set templates into the e-mails

When writing an email, you now have the option to use a pre-set template, as in chat. This allows you to respond even faster to client requests. In the settings for a particular template, simply check whether you want to use the template for e-mails, chat, or both. When typing a message, the operator then presses the icon for template insertion and continues in the same way as when inserting a file, or inserts the template using Ctrl+Alt+X.

2) Automatic insertion of the signature into the emails

Each user has the possibility to define the format of their own signature that will be inserted in the sent e-mails. Simply add your signature in your profile settings. This option can also be defined by the administrator for each operator in the Users section. If the user is active in multiple tenants, the signature can be set for each tenant separately.

3) Sending an automated message after receiving an e-mail

Based on your feedback, we've added the option to set up an automatic reply to incoming e-mails. You can define the automatic message in individual mailbox settings. Subsequently, both the operator and the administrator will see in the thread preview that the message was sent to the client.

4) Extension of offline forms editor and possibility to insert attachments

We've extended the offline forms editor to include an attachment field. This allows you to create a form through which clients, in addition to the request description, can also send you the necessary request-related documents.

5) Option to disable the Fallback function in routing

You can now turn off the Fallback function. If the client does not meet the routing rules for any available routing group, they will be redirected to the offline form. For example, if the client chooses the option to "talk to a live operator" and no operators are online, the client will not be redirected to the chatbot, but directly to the offline form.

Minor in-app edits:

  • We have prevented the browser extensions from informing the sender of the status of the sent email.

  • We have extended the Operators table with information and availability of individual operators by channel.

  • We have optimized the consumption of clients’ mobile data during A/V sessions.

  • The operator will get to know if the client disconnects from the Internet during the session.

  • We have fixed a bug where two operators could receive the same session.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us continually improve mluvii. :)

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