Release 2.31

Implemented on: 8 October 2019

News in mluvii

1) Connection to CRM Pipedrive

We are excited to bring you another option to make your services and products easier to sell. Mluvii has been connected with the Pipedrive CRM system, which is used by companies and business teams around the world. Mluvii can immediately identify the lead and pair it with an existing record in Pipedrive. In the operator interface, you can then chat with a customer, make a video call, send Hero cards, and use Mluvii functions ordinarily. After the session is finished, the recording is automatically written to Pipedrive so that you can return to its details at any time. Selling online has never been easier.

Pipedrive is far from being the only system with which Mluvii integrates. E-mail us at sales@mluvii.com or chat directly on the website to find out more about how to connect Mluvii with your systems as well.

2) Client verification using Facebook and Google

The amount of information that the client will provide before the session may be crucial for the successful completion of the sale or handling the request. That’s why we have added the possibility to verify the client using Facebook and Google. Instead of filling in their e-mail and telephone in the entry form or Hero card, the customer can simply identify themselves with their account from one of the services mentioned above. You can further use this client identity verification to further process the request.

Let us know how satisfied you are with the functionality through feedback in the app. :-)

3) Set to automatically receive clients from the queue

Are you wondering how to make your operators more efficient and reduce waiting time for queued customers? The new version comes with the possibility of automatic acceptance of the session. This will automatically add a new client to the operator if the maximum number of received sessions has not been exhausted. You can activate the function in the group settings. We’ll be happy to help you set up the rule correctly. Just contact us via the chat on our website.

Minor changes in the app:

  • The client chat can now be minimized by clicking on the entire chat heading.

  • In the Sessions table, we have merged the columns “Client left queue” and “Client left session” into one named “Client left session” for better clarity.

  • We have modified icons for moving individual elements in the form editor and Hero cards.

  • We have added the possibility to search multiple sessions by ID at once.

  • We have fixed incorrect text formatting if the operator writes number and dot in the chat. It happened that the value was rewritten to 1.

  • We have fixed a bug when trying to redirect an e-mail that was previously reassigned from one address to another. Dialogue with operators is now displayed correctly.

  • Chatbot developers will now be informed that the chatbot is deployed in Mluvii and that it is communicating through this platform.

  • Minor adjustments on the client part of chat leading to smoother running.

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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