Release 2.33

Implemented on: 21 November 2019

News in mluvii

1) WhatsApp in mluvii

We cordially welcome the latest addition to mluvii – WhatsApp. A communication application that is actively used by over 1.5 billion people worldwide, including your customers. Come try how easy it is to serve customers on WhatsApp from a unified operator environment in mluvii. E-mail us at sales@mluvii.com, or try WhatsApp yourself :-).

2) Automatic reply to messages when inactive

To make it easier for your operators to communicate with clients, we’ve expanded mluvii with the option to send an automated response to chat. You can set up message rules in case your operators are overloaded or the customer is inactive for a longer time. You decide on the duration or an event after which the message should be sent or when the countdown should start. Details can be found in our technical documentation and, as always, you can contact our experts via the chat on our website.

3) Ignore e-mails automatically

The latest version of mluvii also brings another handy measure for managing your mailbox. You can now set up rules to easily filter out junk messages or auto-replies when you’re away from your inbox. To do this, go to the Rules section and then assign it to the selected mailbox.

4) Notice to the operator if the client fills in Hero Cards

We are pleased that Hero Cards have become your favourite part of mluvii and you are helping us improve its functioning. Therefore, we have newly added an audio notification for the operator when the client sends a filled in Hero Card to the chat. The notification behaves the same as a new chat message, so operators no longer have to wait for the client to fill in the information and can deal with additional requests.

Minor changes in the app:

  • We have fixed a bug of copying the reason of absence if you choose “Go Away” several times in row and select a reason.

  • Folders in the administration interface for Files and Templates are newly superior to separate files. For better clarity we have arranged them alphabetically.

  • It is no longer possible to enter negative values for the Bookmark and Panel Circle button sizes.

  • When counting logged-in operators in Wallboards, each operator is counted only once. They don’t count multiple times just because they have an interface open in multiple browser windows.

  • If you haven’t selected session results, their selection in the operator interface is not allowed.

  • We have fixed a bug where the session detail was not displayed prior to client acceptance when switching from chatbot to operator.

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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