Release 2.36

Deployed on: 4. 2. 2020

Mluvii News

1) The administrator can redirect live sessions now

As the administrator, you have full control over sessions in process now. You can redirect live sessions to a different operator or group at any time. At the very moment when the conversation is redirected, the client is informed by an automatic chat notification. If you redirect the session to a group of operators, it operates in accordance with the setting of the routing of the given group. You will find the function in the detail of the specific session in the live sessions overview.

2) Sound notifications can be used only where you want them to be

You will be no longer disturbed by sound notifications when you do not appreciate it. Now the administrator can set a “no sound” option for a client joining the queue, for accepting a client automatically or for a client joining the queue of a busy operator. You will find the function in setting sound notifications in the Application settings.

3) Now the operator can receive pictures from the client from Facebook Messenger

It is already possible for operators to exchange pictures while having conversations with clients from Facebook Messenger. The files are accessible in chat, among files of the session and the operator can download them with just one click.

During a session with a client who arrived from Facebook Messenger, you can work with pictures they send you. You see them in chat, in the files of the session or you can download them.

4) Artificial intelligence helps to handle frequently repeated questions

If clients still ask you for similar questions and operators use some templates repeatedly, Mluvii will learn these scenarios itself. If the application is sure of the answer, it will offer the template to the operator, rather than having to look for it. The template suggestion appears above the chat input field.

Minor changes to the application:

  • Only valid URL addresses are marked as hyperlink in chat now.

  • We have corrected the mistakes in the activities of the Contacts Directory during ACW.

  • “None” value was added in the chart with all emails in the “Operators” filter.

  • Chatbot is able to accept files from a client.

  • Chatbot allows a client to upload files only when it is required.

hank you for your feedback, which helps us to keep mluvii better and better :)

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