Deployed on: 25. 2. 2020

Mluvii News

1) New interactive reports for your colleagues

Even your colleagues or superiors can read in reports without access to mluvii. In thetable of all sessions, you can now generate an interactive HTML report and send a link. The report displays data from the columns that are displayed in the session table, including the transcription of each session.

2) Smart automatic tagging of sessions and e-mails

Tags help correctly evaluate communication with customers and further improve it. Therefore, we have decided to simplify their use. You can now choose one or more keywords for each tag. If a keyword appears in a chat session or e-mail conversation, mluvii automatically assigns a specific tag to it. You can also add or remove tags manually. You can use auto-tagging collectively also for past communications.

3) You can now also see messages sent to the client directly from Facebook Messenger

You won’t miss a single message from Facebook. Whether you’re chatting directly in Facebook Messenger or in mluvii, all your messages are now stored in mluvii so you can continue the conversation smoothly.

4) Get NPS score also through mluvii

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Because we know how important a clientfeedback is, we have expanded the capabilities of the output form with a standardized NPS (Net Promoter Score) scale. In the table of all sessions, you can filter whether you want to see sessions rated by the NPS scale or the existing scale.

5) You can receive video messages from clients via Facebook Messenger

You can now also receive messages in mluvii from clients via Facebook Messenger in .mp4 format. The operator can download video files to a PC, play them directly in chat or in a new window. These messages are stored in the session files in mluvii and you can return to them at any time. Operators can also access videofiles retrospectively.

6) With LDAP, you can now manage mluvii users

You will never forget to add a new account for the team leader in mluvii. You can nowcreate accounts centrally using your Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)directory service.

7) Clear history of communication with customers across channels

Omnichannel in mluvii has come full circle. After Active Directory, we are adding saving of communication history with the customer across all available channels. In the Active Directory, just select a specific client and click on the History tab. The timeline shows all interactions that operators had with the client. You can find all past activities across all channels with the selected client and immediately get into context. You can also click-through to the communication history during a session or from a received e-mail.

Minor changes in the app:

  • Enhanced Co-browsing support and client screen sharing options in Microsoft Edge (Chromium core)

  • We fixed a small bug in the Hero cards editor

  • Minor fix for clicking on the chat in Internet Explorer 11

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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