Deployed on: 15. 4. 2020

Mluvii News

1) Audio-video and phone recordings are at your fingertips

As an administrator, you can play back recordings of sessions directly in mluvii. You can check both audio-video call and audio phone call recordings without the necessity of downloading them. Recordings can be found in the sessions table in the details of a particular session.

2) New “Operator View” permission

As a company administrator, you can give your colleagues new “Operator View” permission. You can provide selected colleagues with the ability to check the status of the operators and their workload, as well as to edit the available channels without interfering with the settings of groups, widgets or other traffic parameters. Simply edit the permissions in the user detail in the Users section.

3) Calls from the mluvii IP telephony without third party add-ons

Mluvii IP telephony has taken the big step forward once again. To make calls from mluvii to telephone lines, you no longer need to install third party add-ons on the operator stations to make the call. We are now using WebRTC technology for calling and there is no need to install and configure additional microSIP software. To make the change, simply select the “WebRTC” end device type in the telephone settings of the specific operator.

4) Operators cannot delete a contact from the Contact directory during a session

Operators can no longer accidentally delete a contact, including its history, with a single click. Operators no longer have this option in the operator's main interface.

Minor changes in the app:

  • Operators calling through IP telephony to a client telephone number can turn on the ring tone.

  • We have improved adding notes to an e-mail while working in inbox.

  • A telephone call can also now be recorded in mluvii.

  • Operators can download or open a file directly from history sessions.

  • We have modified the “Users” section to simplify your work.

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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