Deployed on: 7. 7. 2020

Mluvii News

1) Multiple operators can work together in a video call

After our recent product innovation, the involvement of multiple operators in a chat session, there comes the next step. A larger number of operators can now also meet in a video call. The new function is suitable, for example, when the operator needs the assistance of a colleague orto connect the customer with another branch of the company. The operator who started the session can connect available colleagues at any time during the call. Would you like more information about the new feature or would you like to have it activated for your company right away? Contact us via the chat at www.mluvii.com or write to us via the chat on our website.

2) The administrator can make the Operator stats section available to an operator

An operator who has earned your trust can finally help you with the processing of reports thanks to access to Operator Stats. You can turn the permission on in the user settings in the Permissions section.

3) The administrator can set the company parameters

We have made company settings, which include adding and setting up tenants, security management, allowed file types, and more, available to you. Permissions also allow you to choose whether the operators can switch from one channel to another themselves. You can have full control over how incoming requests are distributed.

4) Operators can use mluvii dial also for IVR interaction

If the operator calls another company via mluvii and an IVR system responds, they can interact via the dial as easily as if calling from a telephone.

5) The company administrator can define the form of the outgoing number

If you have multiple numbers for incoming requests in the company, you can define the form of the number that will be displayed to your clients when you call them. Need help setting it up? Write to us via the chat on our website., we will be happy to advise you.

6) The operator status is now located under the Profile icon at the bottom of the left bar

If the operator is absent, they can change the reason for the absence during the break, for example from “lunch” to “meeting” and do not have to go online in between. You can now find this setting under the Operator Profile icon.

Minor changes to the application:

  • the button for sending a message on the client side has a new look

  • if there are more operators in one session, their link is also displayed in the routing visualization

  • date filtering is now optimized for more enjoyable use

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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