Deployed on: 18. 8. 2020

Mluvii News

1) Outgoing call campaigns

IP telephony in mluvii has reached another product goal in the form of outgoing call campaigns. You can set up an automatic client call system from the very beginning. Import your own contact list or use contacts from the Address Book. Create your own groups, routing, rules or call scripts and distribute outgoing calls to groups of operators. You can also pause or redial unauthorized clients at any time. As always, we welcome your feedback and interest in the new feature. Just write to us via the chat on our website.

2) Outgoing call campaigns

In order for you to be able to comfortably handle communication from multiple Facebook pages, we have adjusted the process of connecting the page and the entire section for you. You can look forward to easier site connection and better work with communication routing.

Minor changes to the application:

  • Hero cards are now sorted alphabetically on operator side

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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