Deployed on: 29. 9. 2020

Mluvii News

1) Differentiation of Wallboard metrics according to the channel

To give you an even more detailed overview of your call center traffic, we have modified the Wallboards section. You can now differentiate selected metrics by the type of incoming chat, voice, and video calls. You can respond to the changing workload of your call centre in real time.

2) Export historical data to the Performance section metrics

With the last release, we introduced the new Performance section, which helps you monitor the performance of your call centre in clear boards. We have exported all data from 2019 to this section for you, which you can now include in the new reporting views. If you are not yet familiar with the Performance, e-mail us at sales@mluvii.com or use the chat or WhatsApp on our website.

3) VK connects to mluvii

Offer more ways your customers can communicate with you. You can now also handle messages from the VK platform via mluvii. Linking messages into mluvii is as easy as with Facebook Messenger, and you can attend to all your customers from a single environment.

VK.com is a social network popular especially in Eastern European countries. The Russia-based platform is similar to Facebook and has hundreds of millions of users in Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Belarus and Estonia. If your company is represented on one of these markets, there is nothing to wait for. Just contact your sales representative or e-mail us at sales@mluvii.com, or use the web chat or any other channel.

4) NTLM authentication protocol for mailboxes

You can now use the NT LAN Manager authentication protocol for outgoing and incoming e-mail communication in mluvii.

5) Search in drop-down lists

If you didn’t like scrolling through the items in the drop-down list when creating a new form or Hero card, we have good news for you – you won’t see it again. We have provided drop-down lists with a search function. You can find it across the application wherever there are more than 10 items to choose from.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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