Deployed on: 18. 12. 2020

Mluvii News

1) More clearly arranged mluvii menu

We have a brand-new navigation in mluvii for you. The new menu is now even more clearly arranged thanks to specific descriptions of the icons. If you remember the individual sections, simply hide the descriptions to get extra space.

2) You can also release busy operators as an Administrator

The Administrator role acquires a new tool to better manage operators during the operation of the call centre. If you need to release some operators for training, for example, simply switch their status to “away”. At that point, these operators can still finish their current jobs, but they will not receive any new requests.

3) Keep client ban feature under your control

Decide whether or not operators can block clients in a particular tenant and keep the reasons for blocking under control. You can find the option in the expert settings. If you disable this option for operators, you can still ban clients as an Administrator.

4) Editing users via API

You can now also create and deactivate users or reset their password via mluvii API. You’ll surely appreciate this when managing users across multiple applications. See the documentation for more information.

5) New Wallboard metrics

See how your call center handles incoming requests in real time. You can now find a new “average handle time” metric for all channels, and you will certainly appreciate the overview of the number of missed sessions, the so-called “abandon rate”, for incoming calls. You can therefore see how your call center handles incoming requests in real time.

6) Call parameters in the Feedback form

You can now also add your own call parameters to the Feedback form, thanks to which you will get even more comprehensive feedback from the client. For example, add checkbox lists to your forms and the values will be copied to the parameters, similar to an input or offline form.

Minor changes to the application:

  • Operators will no longer see a white screen with the information “Access Denied” after a long period of inactivity

  • Operators will see the notes for their sessions again

  • The session result and the note are saved automatically even if the ACW time passes

  • E-mail routing to the entire group now assigns e-mails also to operators who are not currently online

  • When dialling, it is no longer possible to minimise the dial pad

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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