Deployed on: 24. 08. 2021

Mluvii News

1) Information about groups via API

You simply get information about groups, their id and name via API.

2) View files directly in the chat

With a single click, you can now view files directly in the chat and browse between them, from the perspective of both the operator and the client.

Minor changes in the application:

  • .Webp files are already appearing in chat

  • The camera and microphone buttons are displayed correctly during an AV call on Android / Chrome

  • HTML export sessions in which was the chatbot are displayed correctly

  • The routing visualization correctly displays arrows between elements

  • Images and files are displayed in the chat history (past sessions)

  • Searching the table of all sessions now handle spaces at the end of rows correctly

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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