Deployed on: 23. 2. 2022

Mluvii News

1) Welcome WebChat channel

The time is ripe for our chat channel to get a new name in the app. While you knew it as mluvii until version 2.85, we're now calling the channel WebChat across the interface.

2) Email address whisperer

To make it even more convenient for you to work with emails in mluvii, we taught them to whisper. For newly parsed messages, the recipient field will begin to prompt you suggestions of client email addresses stored in the Contact directory.

3) Clearer Pop-up settings

The banner notification above the chat widget, CTA, also got a name change. You'll now find it in the package under the better-fitting name Pop-up. But we didn't just stop with the name change. You'll find a new color palette in the pop-up settings.

4) A new view of the operator workload

If you also monitor your call center operations in the Grafana analytics application, you will appreciate the new option to track call center utilization by operator and group.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Fixed some errors when ignoring email

  • Fixed issue with chatbot opening hours

  • Saving parameters with empty value will not cause an error

  • Routing conditions on channels fixed

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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