Deployed on: 9. 3. 2022

Mluvii News

1) We are unifying forms and Hero cards and bringing a new folder system

We continue our efforts to make the mluvii user interface more convenient for you. That's why this time we've decided to get into Forms and Hero cards, which you love to use in webchat sessions. Hero cards have been consolidated under Forms and in the administration so you can create and manage them from one place. We've also newly added new system for filing forms. V jednotlivých složkách a podsložkách můžete nově filtrovat podle typu formuláře nebo kanálu, pro který byl vytvořen.

Operators will still find the Hero cards they send during client sessions under the same label in the operator interface.

2) One-click communication with chatbot

Automated communication is an important part of your customer care toolbox. So we've prepared a chatbot customization to get customers into the conversation even faster. Customer may, after arriving at the page, only click once on the webchat widget to connect to the bot without typing the opening sentence or clicking into the iframe.

If you want to customize the behavior of your bots, please contact your sales representative or contact us via chat on our website.

3) Extending Public API

We have extended the Public API to include comments in the email thread, redirection or automatic email ignoring.

4) Chatbot settings section

We have redesigned this section to make it easier to set up the chatbot. Now you know immediately what state the chatbot is in.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Modifications to the infrastructure for higher reliability of the public API

  • Fixed overflow between groups in routing, in some scenarios

  • Fixed link to API key from chatbot settings

  • Users - fixed some scenarios in the bulk slot modifier

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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