Deployed on: 6. 4. 2022

Mluvii News

Once again, we have heard your product requests and improved the functioning of template messages. You can now insert hyperlinks to any web pages in webchat and email templates. The link from the message is then displayed to the client in webchat, including a thumbnail image and information about the website.

Along with this modification, operators have also gained the ability to insert and format links in webchat while communicating with the client.

2) Improved public API

Our REST API continues to expand, and as of version 2.89, you can manage tenants and filter users by tenant ID through it. So when you create a user, you will immediately get information if the user already exists and their user ID. Now you can even switch sessions via the API.

3) Extension of activities sent by webhooks

You will now get real-time information about all activities that happened in a session via webhook. You may use this new feature for example if you manage your own wallboards outside the mluvii app.

4) Improved widget settings

If you create a new widget, the button will look even better on the page. We've adjusted the default indentation from the page edges. However, you can still set custom values for the size and indentation of the widget in the Webchat - Button section.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Fixed a case where the chatbot did not receive information about the availability of operators.

  • Improved infrastructure settings where there was an issue with connecting calls.

  • Filtering sessions in the table is now faster and reliable.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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