Deployed on: 21. 4. 2022

Mluvii News

1) WhatsApp Message Templates for the first time in mluvii πŸ†•

We are pleased to introduce the WhatsApp channel extension that many of you have been craving and more will be craving. Message Templates are a format that will allow you to use new content formats and in the future, proactively contact clients on WhatsApp. It brings feature-rich communication to corporate whatsapp accounts. What can you look forward to in the Beta version?

Message Templates bring extensions to the content and features of the channel to mluvii. Templates are similar in composition to the Hero cards you use today in Webchat or Apple Messages. In communication with clients, you can now from mluvii send cards composed of:

  • text,

  • picture,

  • video,

  • document,

  • quick reply buttons,

  • call to action buttons, or

  • custom headers and footers.

Operators can insert their own text into the template text after variables such as customer name, contract number or other personalised data. We have ported this functionality to Hero cards in WebChat.

We are happy to present you all the possibilities that Message Templates hide. Join the Beta version and discover new opportunities in customer care.

Just drop us a line on WhatsApp, chat or ask your salesperson.

2) Operators can also tag completed sessions

Surely there are situations in your call centre when the operator needs to leave information at the end of the session for further work with the client. That's why we have added a new permission that will allow operators to tag sessions even after they have ended 🏷️. For example, they can tag which sessions they have responded back to, or which missed call they handled. The settings can be found in [user] administration(/en/for-administrators/company-management/users.html) in the Administrative Permissions section at the tenant level.

3) You can also reconnect sessions via the public API

We've extended our REST API with the ability to redirect live sessions. You will appreciate this if you need to integrate mluvii with other systems.

As an operator, you can now quickly and easily search fulltext for a colleague you want to redirect a session to.

5) Dial a number with one click

In the phone session details, you can now dial a client's number with one click, either by clicking the number link or by clicking the πŸ“ž icon. This new feature will save operators time and help, for example, when retrieving missed calls. You can also quickly copy the client's number as you do with other parameters in the session details.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Modified sending of image links with text

  • Fixed duplicate fields when linking contacts

  • Visualization of routing - operator from deleted group can now be filtered out

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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