Deployed on: 2. 6. 2022

Mluvii News

1) The WhatsApp messaging revolution is coming to mluvii

We bring hot news for all WhatsApp communication lovers with clients. If you have already started with WhatsApp templates that we introduced in version 2.90, you will get the the ability to contact clients on WhatsApp via a pre-approved Template Message even after more than 24 hours since its last message.

You can refresh the session using the Contact Client 💎 button from historical sessions, and in a newly opened session, you can send one of the approved Template Messages that you have synced with your WABA account in mluvii from the 360dialog environment from the operator role.

Do you have questions about how WhatsApp Message Templates work or how to use the client contact feature?

Email us at sales@mluvii.com, in the chat on the website or even directly on WhatsApp mluvii.

2) Filter contacts during a campaign

During a campaign, you can now filter contacts by status or the date the contact last changed. This gives you an overview of which contacts have already been called or whether the campaign is running as you want.

3) Easier inbox connection using Microsoft identity

Before connecting a new inbox, simply create a Microsoft identity in mluvii by logging into MS Azure. You can then create an inbox in mluvii, which you connect using this Microsoft Identity. Everything is secure and fast. Read the instructions in our documentation.

4) Operate multiple Apple Messages accounts from a single tenant

Do you use Apple Messages for Business or are you just considering this channel rich in exclusive formats? Then here's a nice new feature that will allow you to connect another Apple Messages account to Tenant. This allows you to serve multiple accounts for different brands, for example, while maintaining different routings, serving groups of operators, or special Apple Intent or Apple Group parameters.

Curious about what signing up for a new Apple Messages business account looks like? Check out our documentation or contact us in the web chat.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Fixed automatic ignoring of emails

  • Correct operator click-through links from routing details in session or email

  • Fixed some complications with creating and deleting dashboards

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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