Deployed on: 13. 2. 2023

Mluvii News

1) Infinity invitation

Finally, you can conveniently send an invitation to a client, which they can join repeatedly to realize multiple sessions with one link. Furthermore, you can limit the invitation to a specific time according to the appointment. A one-time invitation is still available, which expires as soon as you use it.

2) Chat minimization

If the client minimizes the chat and switches between pages, the chat will remain minimized. This way, the client enjoys an undisturbed browsing experience through your site and can maximize chat again when they need it.

3) Repeated reply to an e-mail message

When dealing with a more complex request, the operator can reply to the client first in general terms and later write back again within the same thread regarding the detailed solution to their needs. The operator simply invokes this repeated interaction from the email table in the details of the specific thread.

4) Default option in feedback form

There is no longer a default value in the output form. If the client does not fill in an evaluation, a "blank value" will appear in the session table.

5) Deleting recordings by using Public API

You can now easily delete specific recordings within individual sessions via the Public API. You can use this option, for example, to anonymize existing sessions according to your requirements.

Minor changes in the application:

  • Fixed partial overlapping of chat column during AV call

  • Supervisor can edit a campaign uninterrupted even if another campaign is running

  • Fixed bad chatbot autostart behavior in some situations

  • Campaign status is now correctly displayed for a completed campaign

  • Fixed click through from routing settings to the campaign where routing is used

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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