Implemented on: 9 April 2019

What's new in mluvii

1) Even better Templates

Our Templates have got a facelift and operators will find them even easier in their interface. The overview is divided into two columns. In the first one, there is an overview of folders and their templates, in the second one, you can view the message including buttons for saving to favourites, inserting into chat or sending directly to the client.

2) Inserting preset messages directly in the chat

To make chatting with clients as pleasant as possible for operators, we have decided to make it possible to add shortcuts to individual preset messages. Then just use the # symbol directly in the chat window to start filtering the preset messages and simply paste them into the chat with Enter or a mouse click.

3) Manage tags in the administration interface

Based on your feedback, we have decided to limit the addition of session tags to only those preset in the administration. You will first need to create the tags in the application settings, and they will then appear in the menu directly for the operators.

4) Real-time conversation transcription

Call centre managers will surely be pleased with the possibility to see real-time conversation transcripts for individual sessions. Just open the Sessions report and click on the conversation detail you are interested in in the Live tab.

5) Addressing clients trying to leave the website

We are constantly striving to bring new options to work with how to catch client’s attention. You can now set up some of the predefined actions if the client moves the mouse off your web page.

For example, you can set the Rules in a way that when the client wants to leave the website, a chat window will open trying to attract the client to a conversation using a personalized message.

Minor changes in the app

  • View an empty group of operators if you display the detail of a user who is in a different tenant than your current one.

  • When looking at the session history of the currently active client, information about which operator led the session are newly displayed.

  • Bad CTA rendering for a cloud widget in Mozilla Firefox.

  • Filtering and sorting in the Sessions tab.

  • Click from Operators overview into the list of active sessions.

Thank you for your feedback, which continuously helps us improve mluvii :)

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