Deployed on: 5. 5. 2020

Mluvii News

1) Live view of routing

We have good news for all attentive administrators in Mluvii. We have added a live view of incoming request routing for you. The new feature will help you confirm the correct routing settings and manage operator capacity. You can monitor incoming client requests from all channels in real-time and assign them to groups of operators or specific operators. You can also go back in time and see how traffic developed, for example, in the morning or evening. You can view the details of a specific session and other interactions, filter channels, or view links between requests and operators right in the chart. Would you like to use a view of live routing in your company as well? Write to us at sales@mluvii.com or contact us directly through chat on mluvii.com.

2) Easy widget settings through Public API

You can now change widget settings through Public API For example, you can turn the widget display on and off, and adjust its forms, colors, indentations, and more. You will certainly appreciate this much more if you already access our API automatically using your own scripts. Then you can edit this setting in bulk for multiple widgets at once without having to click through the app. You will find out how to do this in the documentation.

3) Generating invitations through REST API

Using the REST API, you can now collectively generate invitations to the showroom in the form of a URL link. You can generate invitations for specific operators and then send them to clients.

4) Chatbot with longer texts in the button

Chatbot now allows you to display buttons with longer text. You will not be limited by the small number of used characters.

5) We have added an info message about the end of the session after 24 hours for the WhatsApp and FB Messenger channels

In view of the policy of Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp client messages from messengers are automatically terminated after 24 hours, if the operator does not manage to process them within this period. So that your clients don’t go unanswered, we've added an automated message to the conversation that will be sent to the client. The request will not be visible in mluvii after 24 hours, but the client can remind you again at any time.

Minor changes to the application:

  • Major modification of routing for higher performance (volume of incoming requests)

  • Edits in database queries for faster tables in mluvii.

  • We unified the types of empty values in the API export.

Thank you for your feedback, which helps us to improve mluvii. :)

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